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Fruit Smoothie Now Available

The latest switch offering from the designers who brought you community favorite linear switches, the C³Equalz Tangerine and Banana Split, introducing the long awaited super smooth line, The Fruit Smoothie Switches.

Keycaps Clearance Bonanza 2023

Upgrade now with our exclusive sale! Limited time only!

Warehouse Wednesday Limited Deals

Wednesday 11/1 at 4pm EST

During this series, we'll be listing lots of one-off items in limited stock for sale. Including keycaps, deskmats, switches, and more!

MONSGEEK M6 get your alice on

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barebones $129.99

monsgeek m1w wireless multi mode

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barebones $129.99

DSA Sylph Potion Designed by Mochi Crafts

Keycaps In Stock Now!

Created by Mochi crafts, the Sylph Potion Line is sure to brighten any build and features an exclusive novelty spacebar and 1u key.

Base Kit 79.99

Monsgeek M1 A No-Nonsense 75%

Your perfect introduction to Keyboards

Grab the Monsgeek M1, a no-nonsense introduction to Mechanical Keyboards at a great price.

Only $119.99

No Errors Here JTK 404 is now in Stock

Grab this new double-shot set

This JTK set uses a classic dark and light grey color scheme with a teal accent to harken back to those error screens of old.

only $95.00

Aesthetic Series Fully Restocked

Designed by @SaintJulianXV

Our most popular mats are back by popular demand. You can pick up all the Aesthetic Series mats today!

Only $29.99

Banana Split Switches Back in Stock

Bring the Thock to your build

One of our most popular linear switches is back in stock! Grab some while you can!

Starting from $49.99

Portico68 Black Label Form and Function

An upgraded take on a classic design

Our premium entry-level keyboard designed to give you balance between form and function.

only $159.99

DSA Sylph Potion Keyset

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Magic Girl Switches

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Portico68 Black LabelBuild Kit

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