A happy belated 4th birthday

A happy belated 4th birthday

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We are wishing a happy belated birthday to… Ourselves! (lol)

We turned 4 this month!

It’s also a holiday week for us here in America, and while it’s always a sentimental and exciting time with loved ones— This year hit different.  Covid has obviously impacted many of our lives and the livelihoods we are used to.  With that being said, there’s a whole lot to be thankful for.

As TKC, we are reflecting on the last 4 years and what we’ve been able to achieve.


Special holiday anniversary stream

We’re excited to host a special holiday anniversary stream featuring our CEO and President JSON, and COO Mintlodica, the designer of DSA Magic Girl.

They will be doing the first look at our all-new entry-level keyboard: The Portico (available as a full build kit in the Magic Girl collection, with new kits and colors coming soon).

The stream will be live on Saturday, November 28th at 6 PM Eastern on Twitch:

Follow TKC on Twitch for a notification for when we go live or Add the event to your calendar.

We’re actively trying to make our build kits friendly for newcomers, so feel free to jump in chat to ask any questions you might have about The Portico, building keyboards, and of course, celebrate all things mechanical keyboards!  It’s been a crazy year for the hobby, and we can confirm that 2020 has been the craziest yet.

We’re excited that we’ve grown, and with that comes new challenges we are actively implementing solutions as soon as we are able! Starting with...

Production improvements

Earlier this year we experienced a few group buy keysets and deskmats that did not meet our standards. We never want this happening again. Ever.

Going forward starting in September, we have implemented prototyping as a part of our Group Buy process. We want customers to be confident in the products they purchase, and to be excited without worrying about color matching.

We also are working to implement quality of life changes for our community including warranties, growing the CS staff to better support you, and protections against failed GBs.

Overall, we’re growing as a company and this has been a milestone year with hundreds of products going through our doors. We want to offer even more in 2021 and we know that we have to tighten up and refine our processes to make sure these don’t happen. 

Fulfilment improvements

It’s crazy to believe that once upon a time, JSON ran TKC by himself.  He was the man in charge of coordinating with designers (even designing things himself!), he did customer service, he wrote all the newsletters (he’d be the one writing this blog!), and yep: he made all the labels, packed everything with care, and shipped them himself.

Today, we now have several staff members for dedicated communications on dozens of projects in production and fulfillment.

As our company scaled quickly early this year, we relied on a 3rd-party fulfillment center to get you products faster, at larger volume, and more reliably. We’ve had difficulties with the sheer volume and growth of our product offerings, so we’ve been working with them to improve the process of getting you the products you love. 

Group buys

At the point of our mid-year update, we had ran 15 Group Buys… Let’s have a look at the ones we’ve ran since:

  • Infinikey Amalfi
  • Infinikey musubi.
  • Infinikey Blacklight
  • Infinikey Comfy
  • Infinikey Dark Cyrillic
  • Infinikey Cabernet
  • JTK Night Sakura
  • DSA Magic Girl R2 by Infinikey
  • Infinikey Morse

Note: Just in case you missed any of these sets in Group Buy, we will be running extras once we’ve fulfilled all the GB orders!


New members of the Fruit Switch Family and introducing the Snack Time Switch Line

We are excited that our Fruit Switch Family introduced another member this summer: the Kiwi Switch, which were well-loved by the community!  Thank you, we’ll be restocking them again starting in 2021, along with a fresh replenishment of Tangerine Switches.

Also introduced this Fall, we introduced the new Snack Time Switch Line where the Banana Split Switches were introduced.  (You’ll see a return of them soon with matching stabs!)

We are also excited that we’ll be debuting one last Fruit Switch Family member before 2020 comes to a close: our Dragonfruit Switch. Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more information in a separate blog.

Holiday sales beginning tomorrow!

We’ll be bringing back some old favorites, as well as some surprise in-stock drops!

More soon.

Thank-you for being a part of our lives.  We are thankful to have such supportive fans who go as far as asking how we’re doing personally, and we want to give back to the community however we can.  

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