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TKC x SP Star Marble Soda Switches

We are so excited to announce we have collaborated with SP Star to create a new line of switches! Introducing the Marble Soda Series, an enthusiast-grade linear switch. The first two iterations in this series are Original (OG) and Melon. These will be an in-stock release Tuesday Nov 23, 2021 at 3:00pm EST.
You might be wondering who that little character is. In our months of collaboration with SP Star, we were advised of a new member that had joined the SP Star team. Niko is an explorer of the vast universe, and represents the journey to bring you new and better products. He  is a hope for the future and for exploration. Niko wants to help introduce the Marble Soda Series for all to enjoy. 
These SP-Star switches are a linear switch, made in custom colorways to match our favorite carbonated beverage to pop open after an arduous journey, exploring the outer reaches. 
 Technical Specifications
    • Linear-style switches. These switches have a refreshingly smooth feel when you press down on them.
    • Spring Weight: 55g for Original (OG) and 72g for Melon.
    • Original (OG) colorway: Clear Blue top and bottom polycarbonate housing, white POM stem, and gold spring interior
    • Melon colorway: Light Green top and bottom nylon housings, white POM stem, and gold spring interior
Be sure to stay tuned for more flavors!