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Greetings! We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. We enjoyed the long weekend and are recharged and ready to jump back into things. In case you’ve been gone, here’s a recap of our most recent releases, and a quick glimpse at what we’re gearing up for. Below are the notable updates for our open pre-orders, and featured products. We have transitioned to posting the most recent updates for all products on our updates page. If you're looking for an update on a specific product check out our Product Updates page!

IFK Delight

August 20th, the pre-order for Infinikey Delight by HipyoTech opened. Not only is this HipyoTech’s debut IFK set, but it is also Infinikey's first multicolor novelty. IFK Delight features navy, cream, pink, and mint green keycaps fashioned with adorable sweet treats. This keyset is constructed with a Cherry profile and PBT Plastic/Dye Sublimation, meaning it won’t fade or shine overtime. IFK Delight is also MX compatible, so it works with both Cherry MC switches and MX-style switches. Offered kits include a Base Kit, Novelty Kit, and Space Bar Kit, as well as a Snack Time deskmat to complement this delightful keyset. There’s less than two weeks left to join the pre-order, which ends September 20th, so be sure to check that out.


Candy Bar Round 3

CandyBar Round 3 is also up and running! This round features five new colors: Black Licorice, Zero (white), Cotton Candy, Caramel, and Laffy Taffy. Additionally, there’s an option for left or right orientation, so to all you lefties⁠—it’s your time to shine. The build kit features the option of either Islander or CandyBar R3 keycaps, and Linear or Tactile switches. Better yet, for the first time ever, TKC is offering the CandyBar as a complete build package, so you’ll have everything you need to build your board, all in one box. Choose your base color, orientation, and build kit, and you’re ready to go. Pre-order ends September 27th. 

TKC 1800

The long awaited return of the TKC1800 has finally come and is now available as a limited time in-stock item. These kits feature brand new ABS cases made by Cherry Germany and are available in both black and light gray, with a plate of your choice. Plate colors include MX Purple, MX Green, MX Red, MX Black, MX Polished Brass, Carbon Fiber, and Alps Black. The $169 USD kit includes the case, PCB, plate, and 6 3mm LEDS. As a bonus, plates and PCBs are also available for individual purchase. As previously mentioned, this is an in-stock item, so quantities are limited.

Warehouse Wednesdays

Additionally, we’ve recently begun a new weekly event titled Warehouse Wednesday. As many are aware, TKC retains a certain number of our products as holdback for customer service issues. We wanted to make the last of these holdback products available to customers, even if quantities are limited, so we decided to structure our offering of these products into a weekly event. Hence, Warehouse Wednesday was born. Each Wednesday we will release new products, in-box, some of which haven’t been available to the public in quite some time. IFK Musubi and IFK Sanctuary Rebirth, among others, have already been released and sold out fast, so set your alarms for 3PM EST each Wednesday to see what old favorites will roll through our store next. 

Upcoming Releases

  • This Tuesday September 14th, we are releasing a Portico build kit and Banana Split extras!
  • Warehouse Wednesday products will be revealed on our socials an hour before the sale. Set your alarms for 3pm EST to see what pops up each week.  

Please note that if you purchased multiple pre-order products in the same order, your order will not be shipped until all pre-order products are ready to ship!