Merry Christmas!

Honch0 here. What up y'all! 2018 was an amazing year. GMK Terminal 2.0 was a HUGE hit! GMK DMG: Haters gonna hate. We did it. Its a gorgeous set. In the year of too many group buys even I didn't think it would hit. You guys MADE IT HAPPEN! Mad props to u/futurecrime for designing such an amazing set. Did you guys know Stu worked on that set for almost 2 years? His heart and soul is in that set, and its beautiful. What can I say? You guys made it happen. Tangerines? Yeah that happened, too. Dont worry, more are coming in 19.

So, the questions are: What does 2019 have in store? Sneak peek: CandyBar is a go and on a whole new level than ever expected. M0llY is going to break hearts (probably wallets). GMK SkIIdata?... Thats happening. What else? Wait and see! 

In the meantime, join the Pandamonium

In the meantime, for 24 hour enjoy 15% off all in stock items. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

PS: Qlavier and TKC have a bunch of awesome stuff in store for the one nine!