KAT Drifter

KAT Drifter on SP-111

Group Buy opens January 10, 2020 on TheKey.Company

KAT Drifter on SP-111 white

About KAT Drifter

Round 2

This set is inspired by the indie game Hyper Light Drifter and designed by Emil. It was originally run in 2017 as a limited DSA set, and now we're brought it back for round 2, this time in KAT with dark and light versions and made with PBT. Limited to 500 sets.


Note from the designer

Hey guys! I'm very excited to give you this passion-filled project of mine, KAT Drifter. It's been a very fun ride with TKC, and I hope you all enjoy the set, from me, Heart Machine, and TKC.

With love,




Group Buy opens January 10.

Available at TheKey.Company. Discuss on Discord.