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This Brush Kit by SwitchKeys, includes four brushes & a stem holder to suit your keyboard modification needs. Use these to lube your switches and stabs. Made by SwitchKeys.

This kit includes:

  • Brushes (x4)
  • Stem Holder
  • Carrying case

Note: lubricant is not included. Buy it separately →

Note: Stem Holder contains mechanical pencil lead

About Switch Lubing

Lubing your switches results in smoother switches, a deeper "thockier" sound profile, and more consistent key presses. There are a lot of options for lubing, and everyone has their own preference for how they like their switches to feel and sound.

💡 Read our Switch Lubes - The Basics article, written by guest contributor Ashkeebs. It covers what lubing your switches does, the different kinds of lubricants available, and other factors to consider.

▶️ Watch a video tutorial by Alexotos on how to lube your switches.

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