March Releases and Product Updates

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Happy March! This month we have lots of shipments arriving and tons of long awaited releases, so buckle up and check out these updates:

IFK DSA Nature Witch

Nature Witch Keycaps

Nature Witch Deskmat

Put your witchy worries to restNature Witch has arrived! We are currently working on fulfillment, but get excited for extras on March 11th at 3PM EST! 

IFK Monochrome 

After countless delays, IFK Monochrome has arrived, and we are so excited! However, a few keys in the set require a fix kit, (which is on its way) so we will be fulfilling orders with the fix kit within the next month. Extras will follow shortly after, so fear not!

IFK Delight

Snack Time Delight

IFK Delight is here! We are currently processing group buy orders, but keep an eye out for extras on March 18th at 3PM EST!

JTK Night Sakura

JTK Night Sakura
The stunning JTK Night Sakura has arrived! The wait for Night Sakura was long but it was worth it! This set is stunning and the novelties are beautiful! We are working on fulfilling the group buy orders, and will be releasing extras on April 1st, 3PM EST! (This is not a Joke!!) 
GMK Lunar
Lunar Deskmat
After 2 years we are happy to announce that GMK Lunar has arrived!! It looks amazing, and the deskmats are out of this world! Because this set was ordered such a long time ago, the amount of extras that were ordered is extremely limited. We will be releasing them on March 25th at 3pm EST, but we recommend you set your alarm because they will be gone shortly.
GMK Black Lotus
As you may know, originally we only received a portion of our Black Lotus order, but thanks to GMK, we were able to get the rest of it sent over. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to wait for this second round, we are so happy to finally get this set to you. We are expecting an arrival within the month and will continue to provide updates! At this time, we are not planning to release any extras.
IFK Marshmallow
IFK Marshmallow is currently in production but we have shifted fulfillment to May 2022 to account for shipping. Stay tuned for more updates!
IFK Peach Tea
Production of IFK Peach Tea is going very well. Expected fulfillment is May 2022, more updates to come!
IFK Cabernet 
IFK Cabernet is waiting on shipping, with expected fulfillment still being April 2022, however, it might be delayed to May. We will continue to provide updates as the shipping is finalized.
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