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If you've been a part of the keyboard community for a while, you may be familiar with HipyoTech, the popular YouTube personality and musician most commonly known for reviewing keyboards and tech related gadgets. What you may not know is that he is also a designer, and the brains behind IFK Delight.

When asked about the inspiration behind Delight, HipyoTech said, “I wanted to make a really cute keycap set about some of my favorite sweet treats! The set originally started as Strawberry Mint Chip, but apparently I'm the only person that likes that dessert, so it reformed to Delight.” 

(the final Base Kit design)

(the final Novelties design)

This is HipyoTech's debut IFK keyset, and it wasn't without trial and error. "A lot of making the set was an experiment so I could learn more about keycap set design as a creator," he said. 

 With IFK Delight coming to life, HipyoTech sought out the help of designer Seo to collaborate on a deskmat for Delight. The goal was to create a deskmat that would compliment the novelties of the set, and ultimately the inspiration came from characters in the backgrounds of cartoons (think 60s drive in movie theater commericals.) Thus, the Snack Time deskmat was born.

 Here is a render of their vision together. Today, HipyoTech continues to design keysets, make YouTube videos, and create music, while Seo continues to illustrate beautiful designs and run her online store.