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In 1969 history was made with the Apollo 11 space mission. An estimated 650 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the first ever moon walk. This event truly was "one giant leap for mankind" as noted by Neil Armstrong, and was just the gateway to continued space exploration. 

GMK Lunar is a sharp keyset/deskmat pairing designed by Moridin. This set was created in 2019 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's space mission.


The design inspiration comes from the Apollo Guidance Computer and its interface DSKY. As you can see below, DSKY has a black keypad with white legends, yellow indicator lights, and a green electroluminescent seven-segment display.

(DSKY: pronounced "dis-kee")

(Core Kit) 

(Assembly Kit)

(Novelty Kit)

To compliment the keyset, Moridin designed four different variations of deskmats, each highlighting aspects of the Apollo 11 mission from ground to fruition.

"Astronaut" provides a glance out into deep space. The view of Earth so close and still so far away encompasses the magnitude of what Apollo 11 accomplished. 


"Novelty Pattern" is a fun pattern alternating between a few of the icons: an astronaut's helmet, the infamous foot print, the moon and the Eagle.  


"Technical Flight Plan" was a throw back to the chalk board drawings and mathematical calculations it took to make this mission a success. 


"Apollo 11 Flight Plan" shows the path and orbits of the Apollo 11 mission from Earth, to the moon and back.