>Terminal_ update June 2017

>Terminal_ update June 2017

June 02, 2017

Bags were packed, accessories sorted, and plane tickets booked. Have you ever built your own computer? There's an unwritten rule that you never completely close your PC's case until you first verify that everything works - otherwise there is something guaranteed to need fixing. Similar to that, we received this email from GMK the middle of last week:

We've worked tirelessly over the past week with GMK to see if we could expedite sorting, but it is what it is. Fortunately, we have confirmation from GMK that as of this past Monday, >Terminal_ has shipped from Germany. While we did originally estimate mid-June for everyone, we also got a bit excited when notifying customers that Jason would fly into California and team TKC would start shipping this weekend - call it counting chickens before they hatch. We will be sure to be more conservative with our ETAs, and should anything arise with >Terminal_'s voyage from Germany to California (and customs) we will absolutely keep everyone in the loop and be as transparent as possible. Thanks to everyone for your understanding.

Now on to some good >Terminal_ stuff!

The >Terminal_ stickers and mousepad are here!

/u/90N1N3 really came through and delivered every single cable as ordered. Do you see your cable?

Last but certainly not least, the HWS >Terminal_ artisan giveaways. Big thanks to Robert at HWS for being the utmost professional and delivering these fine artisans. We will be sad to see these go, but excited to see some reactions from the winners.

TL;DR >Terminal_ is on its way, shipping to [fingers crossed] commence as soon as customs is cleared and the package gets delivered, >Terminal_ goodies are locked and loaded. 

Thanks everyone. Stay tuned and keep being awesome.