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Advent Calendar – Fluff! with Marko

Profile with TKC Staff: Captain Marko Ramius

Name: Captain Marko Ramius, named after Sean Connery's character in The Hunt for Red October.
Breed: Maine Coon from The Soviet.
Color: Black & Grey, like Batman. Does it come in Black or Grey?
Owns: .JSON

Street Names: Murder Mitts.

More: When he was a kitten, he was demoted to Lieutenant Poopy Paws. Cookie Monster, or murdering Cookie Monster rather. Swiping food from your plates, beware. Being the lorgest and shiniest boi in the house. Favorite keyboard? Marko has thumbs, so use your imaginations. He might actually be the one running TKC. He'd definitely be snagging one of those Sanctuary Rebirth extras when they land, because murder.