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TKC Transformed Poll and IC

The Transformers means a lot to me (and Jason I know for sure based on our countless discussions involving all things Transformers) because of many reasons. When I was 5 my dad bought me my first Transformer, a Takara diecast Hound. I remember it being so different from my other toys, and played that thing into the ground. Then came Prowl, Mirage, Soundwave, and many others, with the complete set of Predacons to Ultra Magnus soon to follow. To this day nearly 34 years later when I visit my parent's house I'll bust out the battered remnants of whatever I didn't lose (or accidentally swallow) and feel like a kid again. Regardless of how you feel about the current state of Transformers,...

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GMK has been paid and an update on things we are working on.

Hello again everyone. First order of business today - GMK has been officially paid for >Terminal_! Payment was wired over last week on Thursday, 02/23. Our target timeframe of shipping out everyone's order in June is dialed in. We hope everyone is as excited as we are. Now, we wait. PREORDERS - LIMITED QTY Second, we've been getting a lot of questions on preorders. Yes, if you preorder Base, Ergodox, and/or Spacebars, your items are part of this upcoming shipment. Yes, every keycap is included in Base from the original GB, including novelties and VIM arrows. Yes, we are planning to ship out Preorders the same week we ship out GB orders, though again, the latter take precedence. Yes, shipping...

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GMK >Terminal_ update and other musings.

Hey everyone. Brian here. Terminal was a rousing success. It was exciting, involved more work than we imagined (and that was just the GB!), had moments of glee and nervousness, and ended wonderfully. We knew that we were taking a risk releasing such a large base set, but the community proved that the risk was worth it. We're so excited to have you all on board. GMK has been amazing from the beginning - they have definitely proven to us that their quality and standards extend far beyond just their keysets. Last week, we coordinated and collected from our International proxy, and have dispatched an email to our contact at GMK and are awaiting his instruction to get everyone's hard-earned money over to...

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