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Behind the Design: Dead Below

Ever see something and it hits a part of you deep inside even though you don't know why? There's a hint of familiarity and comfort that just fits. That feeling of old and new is how we felt when seeing "Dead Below" by Cedric. Cedric (a.k.a Leg Dad) is a traditionally trained Graphic Designer specializing in branding, print, and web design. His goal, like in many things, is to revive old techniques and concepts into the modern era of design, which is exactly what he did with "Dead Below".  "Ya like snek? Well, We've got Snek in this 1920's Rubberhose-inspired artwork titled "Dead Below"" Rubber hose animation was one of the first advancements in animation, that started in the 1920's and...

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Behind the Design: Vision

There was a time not too long ago when the world changed. People were on lockdown, dreams put on hold, travel and adventure was a hope for "one day" in the future. Being forced to stay inside caused many people to explore new forms of entertainment just to keep the boredom at bay.  It was during this time that some people thrived and one of those was German artist and designer, Anna. Creative at a young age, Anna started to explore photo manipulation and had mastered Photoshop by age 12. However, it wasn't until the pandemic that she started to dabble in drawing. Armed with a stylist and her ipad, Anna started to put her feelings and ideas into visual art. ...

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Behind the Design: Banana Split Deskmat

Most people enjoy food. Some people even think of food as a form of art. Then there's DaLunny, who takes food as art to a whole new level.  A few years ago DaLunny was able to get his hand on some of the original Banana Split switches. He loved the color combination of the creamy pink and purple topped with the bright yellow. The sticker on top of the switch container inspired him to go out and purchase the actual ingredients to make a banana split.  DaLunny had always dabbled in illustrations, and moved his craft digitally into Illustrator. With his banana split treat in front of him, he sketched out his version made of switches. He matched the browns...

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Behind the Design: Aesthetic Series Vol. 1

Technology is so fast paced and engrained in today's world, it's hard to remember when we didn't carry around computers in our pocket. There was a time, before Fortnite, joy was found in loading up a game of The Oregon Trail. Beepers were a true symbol of status. And getting on the internet was a whole ordeal that used telephone lines. Going outside to play was the standard, and TGIF wasn't a restaurant but 2 hours of Friday night, prime time television.  The 90's truly were bliss.  The memories, and the nostalgia of growing up during the 90's is the inspiration for Astral Grave's artwork. Encouraged by his parents, he learned to draw at a young age, and practiced by drawing his interests at...

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Let us set the scene: it's mid July, 8:23pm on the dot. The sun has only just begun to creep behind the trees, signaling the beginning of the night. Your friends run up to you, letting you know they're about to start making the bonfire. You head over to the campsite and see a massive spread of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows scattered across the picnic table. You can practically taste the sweet chocolate and the warm gooey marshmallow as you toast your marshmallow over the fire. The vibes are good. Life is good. Is your mouth watering yet?  If you're looking for those kind of vibes to complete your dream desk setup, then IFK Marshmallow is the set for you. Created...

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