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Shipping Rate Options

You might have noticed a small change when checking out. We are proud to announce the availability of live rate quoting and delivery time estimates through our delivery partners! We have worked hard in the background to demystify our shipping choices and make it so that you're seeing and selecting a delivery service from one of our partners and being quoted a delivery time directly from them. This should result in a decrease in shipping rates for most of our customers, however some customers may see an increase and for those we do apologize and please know that we are always looking at new shipping options to bring lower cost deliveries worldwide. Your shipping rates are determined by items in your cart...

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April Shipping Updates

Hi everyone! We wanted to take the time to address the current climate in China, and be transparent about what that means to the timeline for our expected shipments. As you may know, there are areas within China that have undergone a strict and intensive COVID lockdown over the last few weeks (read more about that here.) This lockdown has not only affected our company, but many others with factories located in China. While not all areas are shut down, the majority of our facilities fall within the lockdown regions. What does this mean for us? Unfortunately, it means the shipments of products such as Cabernet, Marshmallow, Peach Tea, CandyBar and PCB replacements have been delayed due to the constraints of the...

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What Happened With IFK Cabernet?

Infinikey Cabernet is a sharp set inspired by one of the most popular red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon. The set was run as a groupbuy back in November 2020, and while Cabernet wine may be smooth, the process of producing this keyset was anything but that. Currently, the expected shipping for IFK Cabernet is May/June 2022. This is a 20 month production timeline, and inarguably the longest in Infinikey's history, which begs the question: What took so long? In short, we had to make IFK Cabernet twice. You heard that right. Twice. The renders for Cabernet did not coincide with the designer's Pantone color references. The initial production version of Cabernet did technically match the Pantone references provided, but the end product looked nothing like the...

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Black Lotus is a stunning keyset designed by Potatoclack with some collaborative feedback on Geekhack. The vision behind this keyset began in 2016, but it wasn't until 2020 that Black Lotus was able to come to fruition in the form of a groupbuy.  The story behind GMK Black Lotus is quite simple. Potatoclack took inspiration from two popular fantasy/magic medias⁠—Magic: The Gathering and Accel World.  (Base Kit)  Magic: The Gathering is a popular tabletop and digital collectible card game created in 1993. Accel World is a science fantasy novel with similar magic themes laced throughout. Both incorporate mythical creatures and dark magic, which perfectly matches the deep purples and blacks of GMK Black Lotus.   (Novelties Kit)The novelties for Black Lotus are loosely based on icons...

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