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TKC x SP Star Marble Soda Switches

We are so excited to announce we have collaborated with SP Star to create a new line of switches! Introducing the Marble Soda Series, an enthusiast-grade linear switch. The first two iterations in this series are Original (OG) and Melon. These will be an in-stock release Tuesday Nov 23, 2021 at 3:00pm EST. You might be wondering who that little character is. In our months of collaboration with SP Star, we were advised of a new member that had joined the SP Star team. Niko is an explorer of the vast universe, and represents the journey to bring you new and better products. He  is a hope for the future and for exploration. Niko wants to help introduce the Marble Soda Series for all to enjoy.  These...

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2021 Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and we have been working hard to bring some pretty amazing deals to you! Not only do we have some really great bundles, but we are also bringing some old stuff out and releasing some new products! We have a shipment scheduled to land this week, so when we say new products we mean right off the boat! Keep scrolling to see just a few of our great deals.  We are going old school and starting our Black Friday sales on Friday November 26th at 12:01am Eastern Standard Time (EST). Pull out your world clock ap and set your alarm to make sure you get these door buster sales!  For Black Friday and Black Friday only we...

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October Shipping and Product Updates

This week we were finally able to get our container out of Customs! If you've been following the Updates page, you know that we had an issue with one of our shipments. Some of our items weren't clearly identified as "Made in China" and until all products were clearly labeled they wouldn't release our shipment. This was a misunderstanding between U.S. regulations and the manufacturer, but at the end of the day we've learned a valuable lesson and we were able to receive our goods. This shipment is the last of three that had been caught in the national shipping delays. We have finally caught up with our overdue shipments, and we are so excited because this one had some very long awaited...

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Deskmats Through the Ages

Hello!  We've updated this blog from it's original posting on 10/6/2021, to reflect V4 deskmats. This week is pretty exciting for us here at TKC because we are fulfilling orders that contain our new and improved deskmats! We really do take customer's expectations into consideration and try to make our processes better. There have been some very valid complaints regarding our deskmats, so lets address those, and what we've done to mitigate these issues. Deskmats v 1.0  While our original deskmats were, at the time, of the highest quality, one of the complaints we often received was that the colors of the product didn't match the render. To mitigate this difference we have started using only photographs on our deskmat...

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Hello!  In the past week TKC has received two long waited shipments and another is already on the way. We are working through fulfilling all of our group buy orders and getting these in your hands! If you're waiting for a specific item check out our Product Updates page for the latest status. With the influx of product we wanted to highlight a few things happening and what's to come.  New Shipping Rates In our latest Warehouse Wednesday we announced our new shipping rates. For domestic customers, buy any 3 in-stock items shipping is free. Any order over $200 also ships free. For our Canadian neighbors, buy any 3 in-stock items shipping is a flat rate of $10. We understand that shipping costs are...

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