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TKC New Site Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved, industry leading website for The Key Dot Company. Hey everyone! For the last few weeks I have been working diligently with a team of professionals, @mintlodica at the helm, @outragepudding and @itafuri creating stunning images and logos, and Nic Studios of Hong Kong doing the dirt. And of course, me, organizing and culminating the content. Its been a lot of work, early mornings and late nights. My apologies for my distance during these past few weeks. I think you will agree, its all been worth it! TKC has been quite a journey for me. Its been the ultimate learning experience. I was able to successfully turn a hobby...

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TKC1800 Photo Contest

Raffle Link Click Here The Rules: This submission form will stay open for 2 weeks (closes January 30, 2019). Once I get everyone's submissions we will hand pick the best 10, and then we will post a poll on Reddit for users to vote on their favorite! Winner will recieve a pre-production polished brass TKC1800 plate with a space v2.0 PCB! Heres the rules: Post 2 photos; First photo should be a top down perspective shot of your build with preferably a white or contrasting background. As high quality as you can muster. Second photo is users choice; submit whatever you like of your TKC1800 build! Photos will be judged on content, uniqueness of build, and composition quality. Thanks for...

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TKC Status Updates - GMK Terminal, TKC1800, CandyBar, M0llY and more!

Foreword: Hey everyone. Honch0 here. First off, Id like to thank all of our loyal customers for a great year so far. We've had some exciting things happen and have more to come!  I wanted to write a blog post today to update everyone on the goings on around TKC lately. As you may or may not know; TKC is mostly a one-man-show these days. Sure, I have some brilliant minds behind bringing our ideas to life as well as talented designers and engineers doing their parts. But the day to day stuff, customer service, Instagram posts, order fulfillment, supplier issues: Thats all me.  This past week, my family and I moved into our new home. Needless to say, any...

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